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My name is pieta


In 2018 I was rudely introduced to the world of persistent pain when both of my parents had life changing accidents. This led to my Dad living with post stroke nerve pain and my mother living with post surgical pain in her hip and shoulder.


Nothing is worse than watching the people you love suffer. I was a Pilates instructor and embodied anatomy teacher but this knowledge wasn’t sufficient. I didn’t know how to help.


So. I did what I do best - I studied. I trained in neurological rehab. I did an older adult exercise instructor training course and I completed a Masters degree in Pain Management. I now have the tools to help my parents - and so many others living with persistent pain.

For the past ten years I have used my Pilates and embodied anatomy knowledge to help people recover from their mechanical pain through focussed weekly sessions and group classes.  People with persistent pain have neuroplastic pain. This is a different kettle of fish and needs more than movement homework to improve. This is where Pain coaching comes in.


what is pain coaching?

It is  an evidence based approach to pain recovery that empowers you with tools skills and strategies to reduce the impact that chronic pain has on your life.

In our sessions we:

  • Identify your triggers and glimmers.

  • Identify areas of imbalance in your life.

  • We find what is blocking adherence to treatments.

  • We create a flare up plan.

  • We develop strategies to overcome barriers to recovery.

  • I introduce you to medical professionals that I trust.

  • We challenge incorrect beliefs.

  • I help you develop goals and hold you accountable to them.

  • We work on the four pillars - I'm ready, I'm in charge, I can do this, I am worth the effort.

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