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Sensitivity is a Super Power

We need sensitive people right now. And we need to foster sensitivity in our children.

Sensitive kids are seen as fragile and told to toughen up. But my daughter is fragile. She’s fragile like a mirror that shatters and reflects the shards of injustice in our world. She’s fragile like a dropped vessel that spills politician’s lies and hypocrisy. She’s fragile like a cracked lamp that sheds the splintered light of environmental concern through the room. She is our future and she is fragile. Fragile like a bomb.

Yes, sensitive people are emotionally reactive but they reflect truth. They experience the world in a more vivid way, they are contemplative, they have empathy and intuition they are compassionate and kind. We turn to sensitive people in times of crisis when we want to feel heard. Their sense of integrity makes life better for everyone. We need these traits in our leaders. Gentle people need to step out of the shadows and become more visible because the world needs to see and hear them more than ever before. I watch the heart led leadership of New Zealand and I feel hope.

The current world health and civil rights crises are teaching us a lesson. It is time for things to change. We need change in ourselves, our homes, our communities, our country, and our world. People’s health, people’s human rights and our environment are so much more important than profit.

We need Idealists, dreamers and creators to help direct how we change. I do not have any of the answers to how to effect structural change. But I do know that change starts at home. It requires that we allow our children to be who they are and not work to toughen them up. Instead of entreating them to stop taking everything to heart - we might want to check ourselves - corruption, racism, violence and greed should not be the norm and maybe we should be taking the state of the world to heart. If our children learn to hide their feelings to fit in, then society is worse off. Let them be unashamedly themselves. They don’t need to hide. They have beautiful souls that need to be nurtured. Their sensitivity is a super power.

Our society is sick and our sensitive children feel this. Deeply. We don’t need

to rescue them. We need to create a world where everyone feels safe to express their softer side. We need to live in an environment where all personality types flourish. If we can all connect to our sensitive gifts then we will take a step towards healing ourselves and the world.

That’s all.

Be well - physically, emotionally and spiritually 😘

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