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Experts that I trust to mind your body

Health as a house

I believe in the philosophy that our health is a house and we need to care for every part of our house to stay well.

Below are some practitioners and resources that support each element of our health.


Camilla Stoddart is a certified sleep coach and insomnia therapist. She has helped the insomniacs in our family in a way that no other sleep therapist has before.



Felicia Jones has a very holistic and body positive approach to nutrition. She values eating well for the way that it makes your body feel. She is interested in using food to help boost energy and mood, to improve sleep and balance hormones.  


Paulette Pollock is a health coach who cares deeply about every one of her clients. She is passionate, enthusiastic and great fun. She has a special place in her heart for menopausal women -helping them to advocate for their needs, keeping them strong and well nourished. 



I love to dance and my favourite studio is Danceworks in central London


Flying Fantastic is like a gym - but fun. It has a wide range of aerial classes that anyone can join. It’s a great way to get stronger and more flexible.


Social Support

My local community centre is in Primrose Hill. It has a wide range of affordable classes and events running throughout the day. It also provides the community service of delivering meals throughout the community cooked by local volunteers. It hosts a weekly narcotics anonymous meeting. It provides copying, printing, laminating, scanning, faxing and parking permits. It has

Free WIFI, provides a warm space with comfortable seating, it also has a Wellbeing Cafe. If you live in north West London I recommend that you visit.  

The School of Life specialises in teaching the emotional and interpersonal skills that people need to succeed and thrive in the world today. Take a look at their wide range of courses here.



Lesley Ackland’s ‘Pilates in the Crypt’ studio offers specialist Pilates-based remedial and rehabilitation exercise, and has operated very successfully in Central London for more than 30 years. Lesley is an intuitive and inspirational teacher with an innate understanding of both the body and the personality of the person she is dealing with. Her studio is in a crypt and is far from glamorous but people come from all over London to the studio because she is the best in her field. 


Stuart Thomas has taught Tai Chi for forty years. He does not have a web or social media presence so if you would like to book him for a session use the contact form on my website and I will message him with your details.   


Spritual Health

Driven woman is a marvellous group that helps women to find their “why” and make their aspirations a reality. It is a monthly meeting where goals are identified, shared and  held accountable to. It is a safe space where women can commit to taking small steps towards personal transformation.  



terpenes are chemicals produced by trees to protect them from insects. One of the reasons that people love being near trees is because terpenes are anti inflammatory for us. The terpene a-pinene found in conifers may possibly have cancer protective properties too. My favourite piece of nature close to home is Hampstead Heath  



Petra is a therapist who helps guide people to free themselves from negative behaviours and thoughts. The methods she uses blend mind and body. They are focused healing approaches that help reduce anxiety, lessen sadness and provide clarity and relief.


Hermione Ruck Keene is my sister-in-law who also happens to be a therapist. She offers a free 20 minute chat to test the waters and see if the two of you gel.

Roger Dwek has been a masseur for over 30 years and has magical hands - he’s a potter too. 

The NHS Talking Therapies, for anxiety and depression programme (formerly known as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, IAPT) was developed to improve the delivery of, and access to psychological therapies for depression and anxiety disorders within the NHS. You can self refer to this service

The Campagn Against Living Miserably helpline (CALM) is a free number to call when feeling down and need support

phone 0800 58 58 58

Other professionals that I use and recommend 

Consultant Gynaecologist

Mrs Jo Hockey MD FRCOG specialises in urogynaecology, prolapse and incontinence, and pelvic floor dysfunction, especially postnatal. Her particular interests include menopause, post-reproductive health and bladder pain.


Rehabilitation specialists 

Back pain rehabilitation specialist Joel Proskewitz  is an internationally acclaimed strength coach and fitness expert. His unique approach focuses on effective, tailored training and rehabilitation programs that achieve results that really last. 

Movement specialist Ellie gets to the source of the pain not the site. She helps people reduce their pain through using Anatomy in Motion techniques, Neuro Kinetic therapy, Spectrum Performance and emotional coaching. 



 Jeremy Burton is also trained in Anatomy In Motion and Functional Screening.

Claire Cheetham also lectures in Osteopathy

Women’s Health Physiotherapists 

Women’s Health Physio Katie Jeitz is sensitive and very knowledgeable

So too is  Elodie Poissenot.

MSK Physiotherapist 

flexibility matters physio in Hoxton is a Performing Arts Medicine Specialist who understands hyper-mobile bodies 


Functional Health Practitioner 

Functional Health Practitioner Tony Monkcom applies a multi faceted treatment approach which  enables him to achieve positive results with patients.   


Gretchen De Soriano is very experienced and knowledgeable 

Kim Mendez is too  

Plasma Joint Injections

are something that my husband is looking into at the Omniya Clinic 

The TENS Machine That I Own

My husband and I are pretty happy with this Med-Fit wireless rechargeable TENS machine

THE Pregnancy book 

The ONE book that I recommend and buy for my pregnant friends 

Birth Skills  by JuJu Sundin. There will be pain in labour - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sundin gives you many physical tools to match the pain and manage the pain and progress efficiently through labour. 


legal access to cannabis

Project TWENTY21 is Europe’s first and largest national medical cannabis registry. It allows eligible patients to access medical cannabis prescription at a discounted price, and have their treatment tracked by Drug Science.

Drug Science will use the data from Project Twenty21 to provide evidence for NHS funding of medical cannabis treatment


Dr Dani Gordon is considered the UK’s most experienced cannabis clinician having trained many of the UK’s cannabis doctors and treated 1000s of patients with medical cannabis with over a decade of clinical experience in integrative & cannabinoid medicine for the treatment of chronic illness.


Web resources for people living with chronic pain 

 Live Well with Pain is a website for people who are living with persistent pain and those who support them. The resources on the site offer tried, tested, and effective ways to develop your confidence to self manage your pain - completely free of charge. 

The Footsteps Festival was borne out of personal passion to support people who were trying to work out how to live well with pain. They hope that the festival format can help you to find the sparks that shed light on what you are working with, and the Community to talk about it and get emotional support (because you are not alone).


The Pain Toolkit helps people all over the world self manage persistent pain, teaching you new skills to try out to see what works for you.


Pain management programmes (PMPs) aim to promote behaviour change and improve wellbeing in patients suffering significant distress and disability as a result of chronic pain. People are encouraged to explore and learn a wide array of self-management skills that help to reduce physical disability and emotional distress while working towards acceptance of their condition and, thus, a life where pain is not taking over their lives.

Talk to your GP about getting referred to Camden pain service   Or Chelsea and Westminster pain service Or UCL pain service


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