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Circus bodies manifesto

Circus Bodies is exercise for EVERY body.

because gym bunnies working out in their exclusive-members-only gyms are missing the point their treadmills are slowly sucking their souls. You might be able to lift weights, but can you lift your children? Could you save them in an emergency? How useful is your strength? People are walking around hungry and delaying their gratification to be ‘bikini ready’ Is that a life well lived?

shouldn’t exercise be for everyone?

Children are driven to climb walls and to walk across them while insisting ‘no mummy let me do it by myself’ they move because it is fun, they receive instant gratification. They do what drives them to move. Why can’t we? Why can’t we gain strength and flexibility for a reason? A proper reason; because looking good in your bikini should be a by product of exercise not the point.

I want circus bodies to be a business that encourages people to exercise for the good of their souls not just their bodies. I want them to enjoy themselves. Is that too much to ask?

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