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And Breathe.. 6 Breath Classes Summarised.

The air now filling your lungs is shared with everyone in the same room as you; with everyone who has ever been in the room you are in; and with everyone who has ever walked this planet. Breathing isn’t just a biological process; it enables us to communicate, to speak, to create music. It can have deep cultural and spiritual meaning. It can be a marker of both health and illness. Though it is essential to life most of us happily take easy breathing for granted. It tends to be only when we encounter difficulties with breathing or have conditions that are improved with good breath - such as anxiety, prolapse, hernia, constipation - that we start to pay attention.

I teach a six week block of classes that look at the anatomy of our breath. I use the Franklin Method approach and exercises and every session blows people away. These classes are amazing. I include my handouts of the six classes here. I leave out the pelvic floor at this stage as it gets introduced as the first topic in my next block of classes - the embodied anatomy of the pelvis. Our body is an amazing system and everything is interconnected, structuring classes around such a fluid organism requires considerable over-simplification (especially when we think of the role that fascia plays in everything). But here we are. We take about 7 million breaths per year, I hope my handouts can help you improve yours - even in the tiniest way.

Good luck over the rest of this cold, flu and corona virus season - breathe well.



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