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An eye exercise class for you to try

Eyes have held incredible power in many cultures for millennia. Talismans to ward off the curse of the evil eye are found all around the world. These protective symbols and objects are thought to bend the malicious gaze back to the viewer. The Eye of Fatima is an eye that sees everything, watches out for you and protects you. The symbol of the third eye represents spiritual insight and inner wisdom. It represents the regeneration and destruction of Shiva. The Eye of Providence is set within a triangle and was an early Christian symbol representing The Holy Trinity’s compassionate watchfulness. The eye of Horus was used by ancient Egyptians as a protective symbol that represented both sacrifice and good health.

Eyes hold incredible symbolic power because they are the main part of our body that makes sense of the world around us. They take in visual information and 700,000 - 1.7 million nerve fibres sends these details to the brain. We think in images, we dream in images, we make sense of difficult concepts through images. Our eyes are amazing aren’t they?

Below is a class that is an exploration of eye exercises, it aims to help you relax your eyes and release tension in the face and head.





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