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Eight Free and Easy Spine Classes for a Free and Easy Spine

Usually when I speak to people with osteoporosis in their spines they have an image of their spine as being like a slinky, made up of fragile vertebrae, alone in the back of their bodies. What their health care providers have forgotten to tell them is that our vertebrae have help! They have discs, end plates, ligaments, tendons, muscles and fascia. Our vertebrae are part of the strong column that holds us up, but they are only one (well, technically 33) of the elements that make up the picture of our spine. Through movement in all directions and all ways, through walking and through a little strength training we can bring nutrition, hydration and strength to all of the connective tissues that support our vertebrae. I hope that this block of classes helps you to create a new relationship with your spine, one that helps you focus on what it CAN do and how marvellous it really is.

Our Skull

Neck mechanics

Our Neck muscles

The Cervical and Brachial Plexuses (yes, that is a word)

Our Spinal Curves and Coupled Motion

Our Facet Joints

Our Discs

The Spinal Cord


Stay well




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