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Our Pelvis, the Crossroads of the Body: Class Recordings

Do you have a favourite way to stand? Do you tend to lean on one hip? Do you thrust your hips forward or tip your pelvis down? Do you always cross one leg over the other or start stepping with the same leg every time? Could these movement habits have something to do with your back or knee pain? How does this work? Well. Our centre of gravity is found in our pelvis, in front of the sacrum. It is from this point that the forces of gravity absorbed from our spine are transferred into forward motion carried by our legs. Our pelvis is the crossroads of our body and so when something is misaligned at our centre problems may flow up or downstream.

Below are the embodied anatomy classes (so far) in our topic on the pelvis. Enjoy.

A quick inguinal ligament embodiment.

The Hip Joint

The Sacrum

Connective Tissues of the Sacrum

The Pelvic Halves

The First Pelvic Floor Class

The Second Pelvic Floor Class

How the Feet are Connected to our Pelvis

I hope revisiting these classes anchors the theory more deeply into your body - helping you to move smarter and feel better.




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