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Pain coaching: my manifesto

Now that I’ve retrained and rebranded, my core principles have shifted a little too. I still embrace research, empowerment and holistic health, but now instead of encouraging people to move for the love of it - I go deeper.

As a pain coach, my goal is to educate, support, and empower people through their pain management journey using:

Pain Science Education

Demystifying pain for people by providing clear and easy to understand information on pain mechanisms.

Embodied Anatomy

Helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their bodies. By learning about the structures and functions that contribute to pain, people can make more informed decisions about their health.

Imagery training

Guided visualisations and mental exercises provide distractions, help rewire neural pathways and reduce pain perception.

Whole Body Health

I believe in a holistic approach to health, recognising that pain is not isolated. Inflammation comes from stress, poor sleep, poor diet, relationship breakdowns, loneliness, lack of purpose, lack of movement - and more. Inflammation drives pain.   


Providing people with the tools, resources, and support to empower them to take an active role in managing their pain and improve their quality of life.


Creating tailored exercise programs using the principles of pacing, planning, prioritising and positioning to enhance mobility, strength, and overall physical health.


Helping people see how tweaks to their nutrition can boost their gut health, reduce inflammation and decrease their pain.

Mental Wellness

Mindfulness, stress reduction techniques and developing a resilient and positive mindset are important tools in pain management.

My scientifically-grounded approach to pain management should leave clients living healthier, more fulfilling lives.

If you think pain coaching could help you - please get in touch




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