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Take a Load Off: 6 Shoulder Classes For You

Our shoulders facilitate the free movement in space of our hands. They help our arms move through a wide range of motion but they are also a place where we hold our worries and our tension. We get a sense of this through the idioms: a chip on your shoulder; a shoulder to cry on; a weight off my shoulders; falling squarely on your shoulders; cold shoulder; shoulder the burden. Our language is full of examples of the role our shoulders take in our responsibilities and obligations to others.

Below are six class recordings for you that aim to release and relax your shoulders through embodiment, touch, imagery and mindset shift.

Shoulder Blades

Collar bones

The Glenohumeral Joint

Humeroscapular Rhythm

Muscles of the Shoulder Girdle

Diaphragm Engagement for Shoulder Relaxation

Enjoy the journey of coming to love your body from the inside.




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